Concierge Marketing

If you’ve ever had the pleasure to stay at one of those super swanky, 5-Star Resorts, staffed up with well dressed people fawning over your every need…you know what a Concierge is.

But, let’s dial that back…just a little. You don’t need a bow tie to be a Concierge Marketeer. All you need is to know and like people focus on “Service“.

Your social media, website, emails even voice mail message should convey the sense of local knowledge, with confidence and the desire to serve

This can be a daunting task for a larger property…considering the number of people who can come in contact with guests.  But as I found in the home building industry…it starts with One Person.

He or she must become the local expert and be the one-on-one contact with every guest. If they are successful in creating their own “Concierge Mentality” and dedication to service, they should “infect” other staffers with the same knowledge and skills to increase the T.G.E. – Total Guest Experience.

Besides taking a personal interest in each and every guest, the Concierge Marketeer should develop deep and lasting relationships with local businesses like restaurants, shops, point of interest, etc. Referring a guest to their establishment should be like introducing two friends.


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