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Every Vacation Rental has some kind of website, whether with one of the big listing sites such as:

  • HomeAway/VRBO
  • AirBnb
  • FlipKey
  • Trip Advisor
  • Others

Or they can have a website that is included with their reservation software, like:

  • Escapia
  • CloudBeds
  • Property Plus
  • LiveRez
  • Others

Regardless of which solution you are using, chances are that your website is actually the “front end” for a very powerful “back-office” set of web tools to handle the scheduling, payments and reporting for your property.

While the big listing sites offer a pre-templated and structured format for creating your online presence, they offer little to no flexibility…and your site is mixed in with, in some cases, hundreds or thousand of your competitors.

With my friends at Virtual Creatives, in Florida, we’ve been able to work with several “back office” or “booking engine” services to create a more flexible website tool for vacation owners and managers, using the blogging software: WordPress.

The easy to use, WordPress application allows users to make changes “on the fly”, without having to submit requests to developers…which can be very slow and very, very expensive.

Example: I was helping a vacation property work on their “front end” website for one of the big, national “back office” systems. Every change that we made required a rigorous process of email requests, delays and a minimum charge of $450…for even the most minor changes.

Ultimately, we built a WordPress site and through API (Application Program Interface), were able to integrate all of the back-office functionality within the easy to use and flexible WordPress application…saving the client a lot of money.

AND…vacation industry experts all agree…the “bloggier” you are…the better you are…for Search Engines and the Total Guest Experience.

Let us see what we can do to help you create a unique web experience for your guests, without sacrificing the power of you back-office systems.

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