Listing Site Independence

One of the hot trends in the VR industry is “L.S.I.” or Listing Site Independence, where vacation operators are looking for ways to become less reliant on the big listing sites and  ways to grow their independent brand and identity.

Even the large hotel chains have surrendered to the fact that the giant hotel aggregation sites are “brand killers”. Take a look at Hilton’s campaign to get guests to book directly at their own website:


Years ago, I joined a large vacation rental marketing group as a writer and member of the “Inner Circle”. The Number One topic was L.S.I. – Listing Site Independence, because over the years, all of us have seen how what was once a group of scrappy bunch of entrepreneurial vacation owners has been taken over by the “mega listing sites”.

On a personal note; in 2011, there were 200 VRBO listings on our little island. Most were independent, owner operators (What does the “O” stand for?). Now there are over 10 times that amount, with many duplicate and triplicate listings for the same properties…most are corporately managed.

In 2016, I took my first steps to LSI and launched my own website with an excellent group of people at OneRoofTop, also known as CloudBeds.

They helped me build my own templated website, with a full suite of reservation, payment, calendar and reporting tools.

By marketed this site back to my existing guest list and amping up my advertising on Google and Facebook, within one-year, I was receiving over 70% of my bookings on my own site. Not only had I gained control over my own guests, but I had saved them thousands and thousand of dollars on those new “Service Fees”.

Let us help you on your journey to LSI with your own custom website, email marketing and communication tools.

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