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I’m Richard Craft…but you can call me “Crafty”…well, because everyone else does.

I spent 30 years as a “road warrior”, travelling the world and have stayed in Five-Star Resorts, the chain hotels and rustic fishing cabins. My family and I have been avid vacation renters for 20+ years and have watched the VR industry grow from Mom & Pop operations to the publicly traded, mega-tech monster that it is today.

I own two properties in Port Aransas, Texas…part of the Redneck Riviera. The persona “Crafty” is part of my overall “Concierge Marketing” system. While I live 8-hours away in Dallas, Crafty is the local expert…knows where to go, how to get there who to see and is every guest’s personal assistant.

Crafty has also been interviewed by the Canadian media, spoken at several Home Away Summits, and written for various national and international forums on Vacation Rental Marketing in addition to working on several  VR software conversions, website development and industry analytics. Oh, and have been a speaker at several Home Away Summits on several topics.

I started Craft Vacation Communications (CVC) to help vacation owners and managers return to the roots of the hospitality industry.

Throughout this website, I’ll refer to the “T.G.E”. or, the Total Guest Experience, because I feel that the vacation industry seems to be spinning further and further out into bigger and bigger listing sites and internet gimmickry, while losing touch with what makes us truly successful: Happy Guests.

Before I joined the VR world, I was a marketing manager for America’s largest home builder, where we sought to improve the Home Buying Experience. We created a system of “Concierge Selling“, where home buyers where helped through the buying, construction, closing and moving process by a dedicated Concierge agent.

Everything on this website is the result of my personal experience as a vacation rental owner, writer and consultant and my 30 years in marketing for many Fortune 500 clients. I will only recommend products, services and techniques that I have personally used and in most cases: still use.

Likewise, I have continued the “Experience” concept into my VR management and marketing. I look forward to sharing all of it here with you at CVC.

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