Social Media Concierge

The key to using Social Media in the Vacation Rental business is to project your property as “a local“. Imagine yourself as your typical guest and post the things that they would post.

Also, as Concierge Marketeer, take on the role of the “local expert“.

Like and Follow local shops, restaurants, points of interest and events and Share their posts to build local flavor and flavor.

But most importantly, know who your target audience is. Facebook allows you to target your audience by geography, interests and demographics.

TRUE STORY: I had a client who was spending $7 per day on Facebook ads, but they could never get more than 1,000 Followers. One day, I took a look under the hood and found that their target audience was identical to the young lady who had set it up: Age 20-30, within a 20 mile radius with an interest in music.

We changed that to: Age 25-65+, in all major markets where their guest come from and interests in travel, beaches, etc.

Within a few months, the follow rate tripled and we were able to reduce the budget.

Another thing to boost your effectiveness is to SHOW YOUR PRODUCT! Why waste you valuable time and guest’s time with generic “Happy Wednesday” posts, when you’ve got beautiful places for your guests to come and stay with you. Here’s a cheap and easy virtual tour that I use on regular rotation to boost interest:


I’ve had the opportunity to consult different vacation rental operators and speak at HomeAway Summits on the subject of Social Media. Personally, I only use three of them:

  • Facebook – Social Networking
  • YouTube – Video Sharing
  • WordPress – Blogging

My budget is about $5 per day. I have about 19,000 followers and am the #2 Facebook page on our island.

I’d be glad to talk with you about Social Media Solutions for your property.

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