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Maggie T. from Nashville, TN says: 

Woking with Richard is delightful. He’s been my go to guy for all things promotional and marketing for my vacation rental for years. Innovative and future thinking, Crafty has his finger on the pulse of where the industry is heading before most other folks can see it. I love working with him and it’s made a difference to my business.

Sergio B. from Fort Worth, TX says: 

I’ve worked with Crafty on many large system conversion projects. He has the unique ability to make complex projects seem simple and fun at the same time, and people love his training skills

Matt Landau of VRMB says:

Richard Craft is the MacGyver of vacation rentals. His leadership and problem solving skills represent the absolute best of what this DIY movement is all about.

MIchelle F. from Corpus Christi, TX says: 

Richard has by far helped me achieve the knowledge and skill set needed to operate and provide excellent guest services to all of our guests. I am confident now when I communicate with my guests. His marketing strategies have taken me from very few bookings to operating a successful travel vacation business. He takes the time to show what is needed to be on top and genuinely cares for each and every person he comes in contact with.

Rob B. from Denver, CO says:

We’ve attended several of Richard’s (Crafty) presentations at Home Away Summits in Arizona and Texas and always walk away with pages of notes on practical, real world solutions for growing our VR business. He is pretty darn funny too!

Brent N. from Austin, TX says:

Richard Craft has been a valuable resource to me as I’ve worked to build my rental property business.  He has been a wealth of information about how to take the guest experience to the next level.  His practical advice about the best ways to reach out to guests, including sharing seasonal rate changes, offering return visitor discounts, and remembering special occasions or anniversaries has really allows me to connect with my guest on a new and very personal level. Looking for proof?  Ask Richard about his repeat guest percentage rates – they are the envy of the gulf coast!

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