Thanks for joining our Very Important Partner program and requesting a Complimentary Email Marketing Analysis.

I’ll need some information to process your report, preferably in a spreadsheet format in either Excel, CSV, TXT or other formats.

If you are using reservations software like, VRBO, Escapia, Property Plus, RezStream or others, you’ll need to run a report(s) to create the spreadsheet. Most systems will allow you to export the report in a spreadsheet format.

If you’re not using any of these programs, I hope you’ve got some kind  of spreadsheet or other records that we can use to run the analysis on my end.

You can run your report for as long a period as you like.The more data you send, the more analysis you’ll receive.

You can email your report(s) to me at:

I look forward to working with you and hope can uncover some marketing gems in our analysis.

Feel free to call or email me with any questions.


– Richard Craft

IMPORTANT: i will be the only person to see and work with your data and will guard it with every precaution while I’m preparing your analysis.I will never share your information with any person or business…NEVER!!

Your information will be confidential and I will only keep it until you receive your analysis and are satisfied. The data will be kept on a secure hard drive that is not connected to the internet…afterwards, I will delete it and notify you immediately.

Now…about that spreadsheet:


  1. Date Created: The date that the reservation was made or entered to the system
  2. Arrival Date: The first day/night of the guests’ reservation
  3. Departure Date: The date of check-out
  4. Guest’s Name: Either their whole name or first and last
  5. Phone Number: We’ll only use the area-code portion for demographics


  • Reservation Number: If available
  • Number of Days: Total days in the reservation
  • Unit Number: If available and applicable
  • Number of Guests
  • Email Address: We’ll only use the email provider info (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.)
  • Gross Rent: Excludes sales tax and fees
  • Floor Plan: Beds/Baths, etc.

What’s in the analysis?

Here’s what you’ll get from the Required Fields:

  1. Lead time calculation: This is basically the difference between the Date Created and Arrival date. From this we’ll measure lead time patterns for you to schedule marketing campaigns by:
    • Month
    • Season
    • Events
    • Others that you choose
  2. VIP List: We can create a list of your regular guests by the number of days/nights or rental income. Again, by month or season any metric you choose.
  3. MIA List: These are regular guests who have not been back for a while.
  4. Geographic Targeting: By using the area codes, we’ll identify where your guests are coming from and cross reference this to the Lead Times to identify when to target you marketing geographically.
  5. Occupancy Analytics: We’ll also create basic information on average occupancy statistics by month, season, etc.

And, with the Optional Fields…you can pick up to 3 additional analytics which we can discuss.