VR Software Services

Whether you’re migrating from one vacation rental software package to another or just trying to pull together information from the various listing sites that you’ve used over the years, Craft Vacation Communications can help you get your information organized into one format for analytics or a software conversion:

  • Guest Lists
  • Email Lists
  • Reservation Records
  • Inquiry Records
  • Calendars

I have decades of experience in managing Data Conversion and Migration projects for Fortune 500 companies around the world.

Step 1: Merge the data from all of the existing sources and combine it into a unified format and structure

Step 2: Process the data by de-duplicating and cleaning the formats so that the information is in the best condition for future use.

Step 3: Update the historical data with current processes and test to make sure that all formatting is consistent with the new application.

Step 4: Deploy and Migrate the data to the new application and test for functionality.


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